Monday, 18 June 2012

Sleek Pout Polish Collection/Swatch

  1. Bare Minimum. A beautiful (pink toned) nude, almost looks like concealer in the tub but is fairly sheer on application.
  2. Sugar May (Limited Edition but included as it is very similar to a shade in the permanent range called Peach Perfection). Light peach shade.
  3. Raspberry Rhapsody. Beautiful purple/blue pink.
  4. Electro Peach. Appears pink but is a bright coral.
  5. Perfect Plum. Amazing plummy/red burgundy colour (my favorite!).

I LOVE these tinted lip conditioners by Sleek! They have a plethora of lovely oils (jojoba, avocado & sweet almond) to add moisture to the lips and I do find them incredibly moisturising. At the moment there are 11 shades in the collection and I'll definitely be adding to mines! The next purchase will be Peach Perfection and I stupidly put my Limited Edition Sugar May through the washing machine and tumble dryer so it's went a bit funny in the smell and consistency department... boo!
These have a sweet yet slightly plasticy scent to them. The scent/taste doesn't bother me personally but I'm aware some people really do dislike it.

They cost only £4.30 for a large amount of product, I definitely recommend them!
Left: Raspberry Rhapsody. Right: Electro Peach
Left: Bare Minimum. Right: Perfect Plum.

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