Wednesday, 27 June 2012

No7 Skin Illuminator in 'Peach'

£11.00 (£6.00 with £5.00 off voucher)
I'm addicted to highlighters! (And No7 £5 vouchers :P !) So when I was browsing the No7 stand I seen this 'Skin Illuminator' it looked so pretty and I wanted it straight away! 
The No7 Skin Illuminator comes in two shades, Peach and Pink, I bought peach as I felt it would look nicer with my skintone. These Illuminators are very comparable with Benefits High Beam (Pink) and Moon Beam (Peach) in colour. However you get much more product in the No7 Skin Illuminator. 
The product comes with a brush connected to it. This is something I'm not keen on but I just put the product on the back of my hand and apply with my fingers anyway so really the brush isn't and issue.
 Another plus about this product is it is in a squeezy tube, making it easy for you to use all the product (Unlike powders which often shatter and other liquid highlighters in bottles like Benefits that have product where the brush can't reach) and the on/off top so you can carry the product around without fear of it getting everywhere.

I use this Illuminator in a couple of different ways. The main one it in a C shape from under my eyebrow down the are of my cheek I want to highlight. The second is on the rare occasion I wear foundation I mix a little in to give that 'dewy' look as my skin is dry and never really rocks that naturally! It subtle enough for day and night wear.
A further pro about this product is that it photographs BEAUTIFULLY! Normally my highlighters pick up too much with flash (highlighter from Sleeks Contour Kit I'm looking at you bud) or they don't pick up at all. This brings out my cheekbones and complements my (fake) tan, I cannot recommend this enough!!!

Thanks for reading!
N x


  1. love love love! looks gorgeous, going to hunt down a voucher and buy this!x

  2. These remind me of the Revlon Age Defying Spa Illuminators :) I love highlighters as well, though lately I've been preferring powder ones to liquid or cream.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the One Lovely blog award!

  4. great review! xx


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