Saturday, 23 June 2012

How I tidy up my used lashes for re-use! A little on the pic heavy side!

Hi hunnies! Okay, first you need to get your used lashes, their case, a eyelash/brow brush and a pair of tweezers. 
 First brush the lashes through.
 I hold them like this and use both the eyelash brush and the eyebrow side. This will remove mascara and get the lashes back into their natural position.
 I don't know if your able to see the difference but they are a lot cleaner looking
 Next is to remove that icky glue! 
 How to hold the lash, they need to be supported. The way I'm holding it in the above picture would allow me to remove the very end bit of glue. It's important that you support the lash for two reasons, first is so they don't move around when your pulling the glue off which can result in the band getting messed up and secondly is it allows you to feel if you are tugging on the band rather than the glue.
 Apologies, this was difficult to picture so imagine the last two images together. Using tweezers pull at the glue. You should pull at the areas of glue that stick out first. It's important you don't pull the actual band of the lashes as these are unbelievably flimsy (held primarily by one string) and it's easy to pull that string out and ruin the lashes. 
 Voila! Tidy lashes! You can use alcohol (cleaning kind ;D) on a cotton swab to sanitize the lashes but be careful not to get the lashes to wet as this makes them sit messy.
 Pop them back in their case so they keep their shape.
And then back in their box, ready to be worn again :D.

Thanks for reading! N x


  1. Thank you for following me!!

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    And what a great blog, definitely looking forward to your next post! :D


  2. I love this post, i'm always picking glue of lashes in order to revive them. Love your blog! xx


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