Tuesday, 26 June 2012

MUA Lip Gloss Tubes Review.

Hi Hunnies!

I am a MASSIVE MUA fan, there is no denying it! They're £1 range out does the majority of it's high street/drug store counterparts in my opinion and this gloss is definitely one of those amazing out doers!

Firstly, I've gotta mention the price and quality. £1! For one pound I would expect the gloss to be plastic tasting, incredibly sticky and just crap to be honest. However these glosses are none of the above. They have a really pleasant scent and don't really have a taste and aren't sticky. I genuinely feel these lip glosses are just as good (if not better) than the other lip glosses of their kind that you'll find, for more money, in the high street isles! Long lasting wise I'd say they are average. The only lip glosses I've ever really deemed 'long lasting' are Stila's Lip Glazes but these stay on just the same as Revlon etc.

Secondly it the shades and shimmer/glitter. There is around 5 shades - not the greatest selection but these glosses are more about the shimmer/glitter. The two I have, shades 4 and 5, are both absolutely beautiful! Shade 4 has a lot of gold shimmer going through, perfect for a bronzed look and shade 5 has amazing large chunks of glitter in a pinky gloss.

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  1. These look so nice! I love Mua it's so good!x


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