Sunday, 8 July 2012

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme Review

Details: Burts Bees is a name I swear by! Currently I'm on a mission to grow my nails and I've just finished up a whole tin of this. (Smaller size that came with a set 0.3oz - full size is 0.6oz). The full size can be bought for £5.99 and I assure you it will last you a long time!

What it's for: Beforehand because my nails were short and thin I was applying false nails regularly which in turn was causing my nails to be in even worse condition, a never ending circle it seemed, so last month I decided I would actually stick to growing them and I've actually managed it so far! I've been applying this cuticle cream nearly everyday, thickly, and I've noticed a great difference! Obviously part of this is thanks to the fact I'm actually paying attention to my nails but this creme helps in two ways. 

How it works: Firstly is the moisturizing quality. Cuticles are important as they act as a barrier for your nail, protecting it from bacteria and other nastiness. However dry/dead cuticles can't do this job properly. Cuticle creme moisturizes the cuticles improving overall nail health. Second is the massage you give your cuticle when you rub the creme in. Massage promotes blood flow around the nail. This blood flow increases nail growth and strength, making it less likely your nail will peel or break.

About the creme: The product in many ways seems like a lip balm. It's texture (although powdery somewhat) and the fact it comes in a tin. It is yellow (like petroleum jelly) in colour but clear when applied on the the nails. The scent is very lemony, it definitely might not be for everyone's taste! It contains sweet almond oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary extract (like many burts bees products) and cocoa seed butter.

Will I purchase again? YES! 

(apologies for lack of picture, camera is dead!)

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  1. I love this I have the mini version of it smells lovely xx


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